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Download A History of Secret Societies Free Books

Citadel Press

English - 260 pages - ISBN-10: 0806508574 - ISBN-13: 9780806508573

3/5 by 35 votes

Almost every social system throughout history has produced its secret societies. Here is a unique study of such societies from earliest recorded times to the present, along with an analysis of their forms, rituals, and beliefs. The author has traveled extensively to gather documentation. The Charcoal Burners of Italy, the Castrators of Russia, the Old Man of the Mountains, and the Gnostics are but a few of the many described.




John Johnson

OMG I love this book there is really no words to describe the way I feel about this book

Michelle Tremblay

Exciting to read and hard to put down

Demotte Peltier

It was damn awesome, sweet, the way of describing the romance was just marvellous


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