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Download Routledge Diccionario Técnico Inglés Free Books

Psychology Press

English - 888 pages - ISBN-10: 0415112729 - ISBN-13: 9780415112727

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This volume consists of some 115,000 headwords in both Spanish and English, including 3,000 abbreviations. Terms are drawn from the whole range of modern applied science and technical terminology. These volumes can be purchased either separately or together in print and diskette and as a set on CD-ROM. Special attention is given to differences between UK and US terminology, and to Spanish and Latin-American variants. Over 70 subject areas are covered, including in-depth treatment of the more established subject areas such as: transport; physics; mechanical engineering; automotive engineering; electricity; mining; chemistry; construction; electrical engineering; geology; railways; production engineering; and geophysics. It also includes coverage of rapidly developing areas such as: fuelless energy sources; military technology; quality assurance; television; particle physics; space technology; pollution; optics; telecommunications; safety engineering; electronics; nuclear technology; chemical technology; packaging; and computing and data processing.




John Demotte

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Christopher Tremblay

Liked it very much

Sarah Peltier

Good book


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