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Download Beyond Bias and Barriers Free Books

National Academies Press

English - 347 pages - ISBN-10: 0309133653 - ISBN-13: 9780309133654

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The United States economy relies on the productivity, entrepreneurship, and creativity of its people. To maintain its scientific and engineering leadership amid increasing economic and educational globalization, the United States must aggressively pursue the innovative capacity of all its people—women and men. However, women face barriers to success in every field of science and engineering; obstacles that deprive the country of an important source of talent. Without a transformation of academic institutions to tackle such barriers, the future vitality of the U.S. research base and economy are in jeopardy. Beyond Bias and Barriers explains that eliminating gender bias in academia requires immediate overarching reform, including decisive action by university administrators, professional societies, federal funding agencies and foundations, government agencies, and Congress. If implemented and coordinated across public, private, and government sectors, the recommended actions will help to improve workplace environments for all employees while strengthening the foundations of America's competitiveness.




Samantha Tremblay

OMG I love this book there is really no words to describe the way I feel about this book

Ivan Simpson

Nice It has a nice story about how to always let go the past and fall in love.

Kelly Thompson

Incredible This book took over my life and I could not put it down.


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