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English - 228 pages - ISBN-10: 158333176X - ISBN-13: 9781583331767

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The decision of whether or not to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during menopause is perhaps more controversial--and more confusing--than ever before. "The HRT Solution provides a balanced discussion of the issues and, most important, offers a choice that goes beyond "yes" or "no." The authors explain the shortcomings of the conventional, "cookie-cutter" approach to HRT, which gives women standardized amounts of synthetic hormone substitutes or animal-derived hormone products. Instead, they recommend a program designed to meet each woman's particular needs. Their approach emphasizes the importance of testing and ongoing monitoring to determine precisely which hormones a woman may want to supplement. The solution lies in the prescription of individualized doses of custom-made natural hormones-exact matches for the ones a woman's body produces. "The HRT Solution makes it possible for each woman to maintain a hormonal balance that is optimal for her body and her well-being, without the unpleasant side effects and potential for long-term health problems associated with conventional HRT.




Ethan Anderson

Very good book...U will get to understand him so much better.

Ethan Cunningham

Liked it very much

John Simpson

It was damn awesome, sweet, the way of describing the romance was just marvellous


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